Recommended Staff : Student Ratio for this Activity:- 1 : 5

Blackwood Staff can never be considered as part of any staff : student ratio at camp

Geo-Caching established at BSSOEC:- 2011

Geo-Caching Image
Geo-Caching Image

Try Treasure Hunting - 21st Century Style.

This is orienteering with a GPS.

Using a GPS students are challenged to explore the township of Blackwood and the surrounding Forest to discover hidden treasure (caches). Once found students fill in a logbook, swap a trinket, replace the treasure exactly where they found it and head off to find more treasure.

Geo-caching is global and groups can participate anywhere.

Blackwood Special Schools has publicly listed 12 of its caches. Click on Bushwalking Wacky to reveal & discover our Geo-Caching Map, so you can plan your next ..... Treasure Hunting Adventure.

Geo-Caching Image

Geo-Caching Image

Geo-Caching Image

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