Blackwood Special Schools Activities

Discover your Potential & Explore the Adventure Opportunities

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Challenge students beyond their comfort zones.

Create unique opportunities and experiences.

Control real risk ... amplify perceived risk.

Sequence your adventure activity program.

Develop a sequential whole School Program that enhances the students growth, development and experience everytime they visit Blackwood Special Schools.

Through careful planning and open communication between your staff, students and the Blackwood Staff you can develop creative and imaginative programs that will continue to challenge your students every day at Blackwood Special Schools.

Do not be afraid to challenge the students and enhance their opportunities and experiences. At Blackwood Special Schools we develop activities that can be modified to suit the experience and abilities of individual students, therefore presenting students with the possibility to grow, develop, learn, laugh and have fun in a safe environment.

Let the adventure begin by being adventurous in your activity planning.

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