Blackwood Visiting Staff Survey
Please help us improve your camp by completing this survey.
The information provided by you in this survey is collected by the Blackwood SSOEC Committee. Contact details are collected in case the Committee needs to follow up and further discuss any of your comments.
Thank you for your time and your honesty. We look forward to improving all aspects of Blackwood SSOEC and making your camp a wonderful destination to discover & enjoy.
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Q. 1 Were you involved in planning the program for your school?
Q. 2 Did you use the Blackwood SSOEC Website?

If yes, how effective was the website:-

Q. 3 Were your questions prior to camp dealt with satisfactorily?
Q. 4 Camp welcome safety briefing was:-

Q. 5 Please answer the following YES / NO questions.
Costs are able to be met by most families in our school.
The accommodation was clean and comfortable?
The grounds were maintained and aesthetically pleasing?

Q. 6 Please answer the following questions in relation to your students educational outcomes.
BSSOEC Staff motivate our students to want to learn.
BSSOEC is meeting the educational needs of our students.
BSSOEC Staff & Committee takes any concerns I have seriously.
Students made a connection with the natural environment.
BSSOEC Staff are committed and enthusiastic in their approach to teaching.
BSSOEC Staff were responsive to the needs of individuals and groups?
This school is managed well.
BSSOEC Staff provide a stimulating and challenging environment for students.
I developed a positive relationship with BSSOEC Staff.
BSSOEC Staff are approachable.
BSSOEC has high standards of student behaviour.
BSSOEC has a safe and secure environment.
I was given the opportunity to be involved in the camp program.
BSSOEC Staff care if our students are not doing as well as they can.
This school provides sufficient challenges for our students.
Our school's camp aims were met?
Overall I am satisfied with the education of our students.

Please provide further comments/feedback
e.g. comments on specific sessions or staff members, length of program, changes for future programs,
highlights or anything else you wish to add.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete the visiting staff survey. The Blackwood SSOEC Committee look forward to improving & providing a better camp for all visiting students & staff.